LIS 635: Photostream Slideshow

For this assignment, I decided to chronicle a typical Sunday mid-morning/afternoon living in Asheville. I’ve taken art/design courses before, including a foray into digital photography, so I kept my the principles and elements of design in mind as I took photographs.

What are these principles/elements? In the floral design world, from where I hail, they are :

  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Scale
  • Dominance
  • Harmony
  • Rhythm
  • Contrast

If you’ll look closely at the images, I tried to keep all of these in mind to illustrate a story of running basic errands and coming home to my little mountain oasis. I hope you enjoyed this!

Welcome to my life on a Sunday afternoon πŸ™‚
Created with flickr slideshow.

4 thoughts on “LIS 635: Photostream Slideshow”

  1. Great photos Amanda! I like the all the up close images. I’m still working on getting mine to show up. Thanks for the Flickr slideshow link.

  2. I’m jealous of your homegrown tomatoes! We tried to grow some on our little balcony last summer and it just didn’t work at all.

  3. I liked your Flickr stream, Amanda! I especially liked the picture of the game of cornhole; I think it’s a nice use of lines and shapes. The Cheerwine shot is really neat, too!

  4. Your images are so vivid….great job! (my favorite is the green peppers) I had to laugh when I saw the Cheerwine image. My British aunt and uncle visited us in May and my 19 year old told them that they hadn’t really been to NC unless they sampled Cheerwine…..they loved it! πŸ™‚

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