SLO 3: Information Literacy

SLO 3 – The candidate applies and values user education principles in the teaching of information literacy.

Information literacy is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, something I am extremely passionate and outspoken about. As a society, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips thanks to internet connectivity. Understanding the relationship between information and the synthesis of knowledge is paramount to the success of libraries and thusly, library professionals. The ability to analyze the validity and application of said information into quality knowledge is key to the academic process. Professionally and academically, much of my work is information literacy based. I sought out two courses that specifically concentrated on user education and information literacy. I was also awarded a scholarship based on my concentration in information literacy and library education, the Mary Johnson scholarship. Professionally speaking, I teach information literacy one-shot coursework and am working on developing a new information literacy curricula based on both UNC Asheville’s new integrated Liberal Arts Core and the Association of College and Research Libraries’ new Competencies for Information Literacy.

Student Learning Outcome 3 Artifacts/Proof of Competency

Project Title Course Number and Title
Action Research: Information Literacy Curricula Proposal for UNC Asheville LIS 600: Foundations of Library and Information Services
ProQuest Flow Tutorial Package
Tutorial Outline
LIS 688.01: Seminar (Information Literacy)
ProQuest Central Instructional Video  LIS 688.11: Seminar (Design of User Instruction and Training)
Holistic Teaching Versus Training: Instructional Literacy Environments & Strategies in an Academic Library Setting LIS 688.11: Seminar (Design of User Instruction and Training)

MLIS Candidate & Future Librarian