SLO 5: Professional Development and Service

SLO 5 – The student engages in professional development and service and identifies specializations and related professional organizations as relevant to individual interests.

Finding my path on the road to librarianship has been a winding road to say the least. I come into the field with a varied academic background in both the sciences and humanities and an unrelenting passion for discovery and knowledge, as well as professional experience in archival studies and reference/instruction. I intend to keep pursuing work within academia and, in all honesty, look forward to identifying Ph.D. programs in the coming future that run parallel to my research and pedagogical interests. My time at UNC Greensboro has instilled a love of instruction and user engagement within me that will continue to allow me to strive for the highest in my future pursuits.

Student Learning Outcome 5 Artifacts/Proof of Competency

Project Title Course Number and Title
Case Study: Needs Assessment and Action Plan LIS 610: Collection Management
Instructional Module/Professional Development LIS 635: Media Production for Library Programs
Professional Growth Plan LIS 650: Library Administration and Management
Case Study: Personnel Issues at Sunshine State LIS 650: Library Administration and Management
NC MOSAIC User-Centered Design (UX) Internship LIS 690.02: Independent Study (NC MOSAIC UX Internship)
Digital Projects Practicum:
Undergraduate Intern Training Website
LibGuides 2.0 Migration
LIS 691: Practicum

Student Learning Outcome 5 Independent Development

Professional Organization Memberships Independent Courses/Conferences Attended
American Library Association (2013-Present) X-Treme Bibliographic Searching for Reference and ILL (2014)
North Carolina Library Association (2013-Present) Web Design & Usability MOOC (2014)
Library and Information Studies Student Association
UNC Greensboro Chapter (2013-Present)
NCBIG Unconference at UNC Greensboro (2014, Facilitator)
UNCG Makerspaces Workshop (2014, Site Organizer)

MLIS Candidate & Future Librarian