SLO 6: Application of Technology

SLO 6 – The student applies appropriate technology for effective information services.

The integration of technology into libraries and information agencies is paramount to the continued success and evolution of the field. Gone are the days of card catalogs and exclusively printed periodicals; now, libraries are moving towards the prevalence of electronic resources in their collections. Understanding technology and the applications therein is key to becoming a successful library professional. This could be the incorporation of video tutorials and flipped classroom techniques in instruction, or the development of an information literacy core curricula that stresses digital fluency along side information access. UNC Greensboro allowed me to take a long-standing interest and skill in technology and let it drive my coursework and professional career.

Student Learning Outcome 6 Artifacts/Proof of Competency

Project Title Course Number and Title
Ethics and Advocacy Project:
Public Wireless Access in Academic Libraries
LIS 600: Foundations of Library and Information Studies
LibGuides Project: 我慢 (Gaman): Japanese-American Internment Camps During World War II   LIS 620: Information Services and Sources
Privacy Issues Podcast LIS 622: Seminar in Advanced Information Services and Sources (The Social Web)
Digital Storytelling Project LIS 635: Media Production for Library Programs
ProQuest Flow Tutorial Package
Tutorial Outline
LIS 688.01: Seminar (Information Literacy)
Digital Resources Modules LIS 688.11: Seminar (Design of User Instruction and Training)
NC MOSAIC User-Centered Design (UX) Internship LIS 690.02: Independent Study (NC MOSAIC UX Internship)
Digital Projects Practicum:
Undergraduate Intern Training Website
LibGuides 2.0 Migration
LIS 691: Practicum

MLIS Candidate & Future Librarian