SLO 2: Research and Thought in Library and Information Studies

SLO 2 – The student identifies, evaluates, conducts, and applies current research and thought in library and information studies and in other fields.

Academic librarianship, my chosen field, is the perfect intersection between my entrenched academic background in history and Appalachian studies and my passion for information access. Research and the discovery of data and information is essential to the academic process. The research foundation, both as a researcher and as someone who guides students through the research process, I garnered from my time at UNC Asheville as both a student and on staff at the library expanded during my time in the LIS program. My oft-times historical focus proved valuable; without understanding the past, we struggle as a field to move forward and embrace changes. I found new avenues for my “research addict” self, including the opportunity to take my foundations in the Japanese-American experience during World War II and focus on the role that libraries played within the camps.

Student Learning Outcome 2 Artifacts/Proof of Competency

Project Title Course Number and Title
Action Research: Information Literacy Curricula Proposal for UNC Asheville LIS 600: Foundations of Library and Information Services
LibGuide Project: 我慢 (Gaman): Japanese American Internment Camps During World War II   LIS 620: Information Services and Sources
Classification System for Musical Instruments LIS 640: Organizing Library Collections
Teaching and Learning Theory Research LIS 688.11: Seminar (Design of User Instruction and Training)
“A Word to the Wise Will Be Sufficient”: The Role of Libraries in the War Relocation Authority and the War Relocation Authority Relocation Camps of the Japanese-American Internment During World War II LIS 690.02: Independent Study (Japanese-American Internment Camps of WWII)

MLIS Candidate & Future Librarian