SLO 4: Diverse Users and Communities

SLO 4 – The student designs services to meet the information needs of all users and communities.

Libraries serve diverse populations, be they a neighborhood public library, a medical library attached to a hospital, or even an academic library. The population I work with and the population I find myself drawn towards is truly diverse. Not all university undergraduate students are between the ages of 18-23 and even those that fall within the bounds of a traditional undergraduate caption, these students are not all able-bodied, English-fluent, technology-toting “mercurial millennials”. Understanding different learning styles, different levels of ability, and varied levels of access is absolutely key to producing the best services for my users. During my time at UNC Greensboro, I expanded my background in video and television production from my first graduate degree into accessible technologies and began designing my user instruction modules with these ideals in mind.

Student Learning Outcome 4 Artifacts/Proof of Competency

Project Title Course Number and Title
Ethics and Advocacy Project: Wireless Access in Academic Libraries LIS 600: Foundations of Library and Information Services
Wikispaces Classroom Tutorial Package LIS 635: Media Productions Services for Library Programs
NC MOSAIC User-Centered Design (UX) Internship LIS 690.03: NC MOSAIC UX Internship
Digital Projects Practicum:
Undergraduate Intern Training Website
LibGuides 2.0 Migration
LIS 691: Practicum

MLIS Candidate & Future Librarian