LIS 635: Haiku Deck

Ah, presentation tools! A large part of my job is instruction, so I love discovering new tips and tricks for not falling into a rut as far as presenting material is concerned. (Read: PowerPoint/Keynote and Prezi, love you both to bits, but we’re far too well acquainted.)

I was fortunate enough to attend NCBIG Camp 2014 at UNCG back in May, and even more fortunate to facilitate the session on Presentation Tips and Tricks.  Keeley, the awesome notetaker from my session and a librarian at a culinary academy, introduced me to Haiku Deck. I have been waiting with bated breath to use this tool; hello, opportunity! I love the fact that it is a cross-platform tool that I can use on my iPhone, iPad, and my work Nexus 7, and the visuals are vastly appealing. I’m excited to get cracking on this!

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